Brilliant content is the lifeblood that powers successful integrated marketing strategies – it can drive web traffic, generate sales and establish you as an expert voice. But with screen time becoming an increasingly precious commodity, content needs to be high quality and engaging if it’s going to reach a discerning audience.

Understanding what is useful and relevant to your clients is the key to successful content. We start by learning as much as we can about your customers and their needs, then find ways to address them through content.

With specialist content strategists and creators, including expert medical writers, we produce all types of content – from white papers and medical articles, to product animations and social campaigns.

More than just a brilliant production house, our full-service approach to content strategy ensures you:

  • Publish content which explicitly supports your business objectives
  • Create content that is engaging and relevant to your customers
  • Have clear measures in place to monitor its effectiveness.

We can help you turn your unique insights into powerful content for your audiences. More importantly, we make sure you can do it again and again.

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Good to hear

At BMI we often have high value, time pressured projects to complete. The team at Create Health work very closely with us and is always at the end of a line, email, or webex and if we do need to meet up face to face, they have a base in London only five minutes from us. This keeps the projects moving in a sleek fashion. Our national team (based in 59 locations) also leans on Create to ease them through these complex projects and receive the same high level of support.

National Product Manager, BMI Healthcare